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Visually Stunning & Intentionally Delicious

The Starfish Cottage Cakes was founded in 2014 and is a women owned and operated cottage food bakery specializing in designer cakes. While juggling successful careers in social services, non-profit management and legal services, we opened our custom cakes and dessert business to tap into our creative sides and provide a sweet service to our community.  At The Starfish Cottage Cakes, we offer a variety of cakes and desserts that are baked in small batches to control our high quality standards. Our delicacies are preservative free, made fresh for every order using only the finest ingredients. We take pride in a breaking tradition by offering bold and extraordinary designs while being intentionally delicious.  Every designer cake and gourmet dessert is a testament to our commitment to quality and our passion for baking.


Delicious Cakes 

The Starfish Cottage Cakes are more than just desserts.  Each cake and confection is delicately covered with layers of delicious flavors to gratify the senses. Starting with an exceptionally designed cake, the attention to detail can be appreciated from every angle.  Then as you cut into the cake, you’ll notice layers and layers of decadent frostings, fillings and a fluffy moist cake that is sure to gratify the most discerning palates. Our designs are exceptional and are intentionally delicious.  The Starfish Cottage Cakes creates the extraordinary while enticing your taste buds.

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