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Rachel & Dean

I met Lilly at a cake show in Austin this past year, and we instantly connected due to our love of cakes and creativity. She had mentioned she was in FL, close to the Hollywood area. My sister was graduating from the University of Miami. I really wanted to make her cake, but traveling from Charleston a week earlier and having to do it in my Grandmothers tiny cluttered kitchen, the thought of it became stressful. I reached out to Lilly with specific details how I wanted the cake to look, my sister was graduating from Veterinary School and I wanted it customized just for her. When I arrived earlier to set up for my sisters party and saw the cake, I was in tears! It was absolutely perfect, every detail down to the gold chain necklace with a cross that my sister wears everyday. When my sister saw it she was in awe, as well, as all my family and friends. People are still commenting on how great it looked, asking if I made it-I happily tell my friend Lilly from the Starfish Cottage made it, and I'm not sure I could have made it as perfect as she did-Lilly is truly a cake artist! It was delicious too, a Chocolate cake with a fresh raspberry buttercream. Thank you Lilly for taking the stress out of my vacation and creating this beautiful cake for my sisters special day, that we all loved!

ristina & Remo

Lilly makes beautiful and delicious cakes! My daughter requested a very specific Little Shop of Horrors cake for her 30th Birthday which was something Lilly had made before and was excited to do again. I was delighted to have my daughters dreams come true! The cake was not only super cool looking but tasted so moist a delicious. We loved Lilly’s cake and so did all the party guests! Thank you Lilly!

S hauna & Ali

Thank you, Lilly, for making my day and Sophia's day so memorable! The cake table was exactly as I pictured it! Your promptness and set up was professional and I have recommended you to all my family and friends! I will be calling you for my next event! Thanks again.

Kim & Andy

The Starfish Cottage is my trusted dessert designer for every occasion. I just mention the theme idea and wow -- it comes to life on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, marshmallows and more! The exceptionally delicious ingredients and imaginative designs bring the occasion to life!

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