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Our Team of Talent

Owner and cake designer, Lilly Morales has committed herself to the craft of cake design through continuing education, hands-on practice of trendsetting techniques, and testing and perfecting her recipes.  She is also an active advocate for elevating the baking industry on a statewide level by encouraging safe cottage food operations and mentoring other bakers in the areas of business, marketing, customer service, and providing technical assistance.  Behind the scenes, she supports other industry entrepreneurs and innovators in the baking field by purchasing tools and equipment that are food-safe, tested or certified by the FDA, and preferably Made in America. Lilly talks the talk and walks the walk. She strives for perfection in both her products, but in the operations of the bakery.


Lilly Morales, Cake Artist

Lilly is a graduate of Florida State University, in Tallahassee, Florida with a degree of Business Accounting and a Paralegal degree from The University of Miami.  Although she took the traditional educational route, her lifelong passion was always baking and cake design. Her interest in professional cake design flourished when I fused her passion for food with her love of visual arts with her business acumen.  The goal of The Starfish Cottage Cakes is to make unique, one of a kind pieces of edible art.

Nick Tuma, Brand Manager

Nick Tuma is the graphic designer and content marketing creator behind The Starfish Cottage. Nick Tuma is the graphic designer and content marketing creator behind The Starfish Cottage.


Since joining the team in 2017, Nick redesigned a unique and sophisticated logo that enabled us to register it as Federal Trademark for both the logo and sub-mark. Additionally, Nick has been instrumental in maintaining our website and overall online presence. 


After his military career of 13 years, he acquired a Science Degree in Visual Design and Communication from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Promptly after graduating he began his graphic design career. 


Nick also holds minor degrees in Creative Writing, Photography and Print Management from FAMU. His passion is to use his skill set to help small and medium-sized businesses, Nick takes pride in achieving wonderful and measurable results in every project through completion.

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